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About Matrix Labs, LLC

About Matrix Labs, LLC

Matrix Labs, LLC and The Universal Hot Crazy Matrix are the brain-child of Nashville, TN attorney Dana McLendon.  Dana is married to the Original Unicorn, Amy.  Dana and Amy met in 1986 and have been together since, marrying in 1992.  Everyone that knows both of them likes her better, including his family.  Dana and Amy have two teenage sons.  Dana is a graduate of the University of Florida and law school at Vanderbilt University, and has been a trial lawyer since 1993.  Dana enjoys Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, weightlifting, and fishing.


About The Universal Hot Crazy Matrix

The Universal Hot Crazy Matrix is the collective wisdom that Dana has accumulated through twenty-three years of marriage and two decades as a lawyer practicing divorce and criminal defense.  Over the course of time, certain patterns and themes seemed to keep repeating; the original matrix was a spur of the moment explanation given to a client who kept making the same mistakes.  Since then, it has been refined and expanded, and it continues to evolve as more researchers compile more and more data.